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I need to create a customer account to place an order?

Yes, any order placed on our website needs to create a customer account. It's very easy and very fast. This account allows us to process your order in the best condition. We collect only information for processing your order; your email associated with a password, your postal address and optional your phone number.

Data Protection?

SAVER takes data protection matters very seriously.

I forget my password to access my account?

If you have lost your password, just click on this link and enter your email address. You will right now receive an email with your login.

I want to change my delivery address?

When placing your order, you can find the button “add an address” just under your usual delivery address. So, you click on the button, and write in a new delivery address.


How to know if my order is registered?

Once your order is placed, you will automatically receive a confirmation email. If you don't receive this email, check your spam first, but usually it means your order is not registered.

I would like to cancel my order?

Saver offers satisfied or refunded guarantee. You have 14 days to return your products and we will refund the price of all your order. The products must not be damaged. So, you can download the withdrawal form.

I can't find the reference I'm looking for?

Despite all your research, you don't find your reference. Contact us by phone or by the contact form. Our customer service will do everything possible to find your specific reference.

Can I pay by check or bank transfer?

It's possible to pay your order by check or bank transfer. The terms of payment will indicated when placing your order, as well as in the confirmation email. In that event, your order will leave upon receipt of your payment.


I want to receive a bill?

A bill is systematically attached to each order for both individuals and businesses. If you wish a duplicate of your bill, contact our customer service by the contact form.


My articles do not comply with my order?

We take special care with each order. If we inadvertently made a mistake, contact us and we will do all the necessary to replace it as soon as possible.

Follow my order?

As soon as your package is supported by DPD, you will receive by mail or SMS a tracking number. You can follow the delivery details directly on the DPD website. If you are not present during a first pass, DPD will plan with you a second pass.

Delivery terms?

The delivery of your package is done in France by DPD. Delivery is from Monday to Friday. Delivery can be made to your address or relay point. A contribution to shipping costs will be required depending on the weight of your items. You can consult the shipping costs.

Which country?

We deliver mainly in DROM, all over Europe and Africa. Do not hesitate to contact our customer service for these specific requests. You can consult the shipping costs.

What are the delivery times?

We always do as soon as possible to process and send your order. An order passed on SAVER's website from Monday to Friday before 1:00 pm will be prepared and dispatched the same day if the products are available.
If the article is no longer in stock, it will be shipped within 2 days. Products out of stock at the suppliers may take longer. Contact our hotline if your order has not arrived beyond 5 business days. An additional time is to consider for deliveries abroad and for payments by check or transfer.

Ink & Toner

How to store my ink or toner?

For optimal storage you have to store your ink or toner in a dry place away from light and heat. Print-head cartridges should be kept upright with the print head facing down to prevent clogging. It is better to use the cartridges in the year following the purchase. Beyond this time the ink may deteriorate.

My ink cartridge isn't working?

Unusually your cartridge may not work. Most of the time, checking the following points will provide a solution:

  • If you can read an error message on your printer, see the printer's instructions.
  • Check the positioning of the cartridge and if you have multiple color cartridges, if it's the right place.
  • If it is an integrated print cartridge, have you removed the label?
  • If it is a cartridge without a printhead, have you removed the air draft label or drilled the holes on the top of the cartridge as described in the manual?


Buying a compatible ink cartridge?

We can wonder about the interest of buying compatible cartridges. According to the legislation, printer manufacturers can't prohibit consumers from purchasing alternative cartridges by relying on the fact that these consumables are covered by patents. You retain the benefits of your printer's original warranty: using compatible cartridges does not invalidate your printer's manufacturer's warranty. Compatible inks reduce printing costs. But are they safe for printers and good quality? The biggest risk compared to your printer using compatible cartridges is the compatibility problem. Often, an error message indicating the detection by the printer of compatible cartridges appears and it can be solved.
The quality of the compatible cartridges has improved considerably and Saver carefully selects reliable compatible ink manufacturers in this field.
The choice of compatible cartridges will mostly depend on the use. If you print your photos regularly, in this case, choose the original cartridges that will guarantee a good quality of color printing and better UV resistance. Compatible cartridges are a good choice to print office documents.
You want to find the compatible ink for your printer. They will automatically appear when you search with your printer's reference. Saver offers you the possibility to buy, when they exist, consumables compatible with each type of printer.

Buying compatible toner?

Toner for laser printers is also available in a compatible version. There is almost no compatibility problem, unlike inkjet cartridges (according to the tests of the magazine Que Choisir): &ldquot;All the compatible toners we tested were accepted and the result is as resistant as with the original toner.&rdquot;
You want to buy compatible toner. Saver suggests you, when they exist, the alternative ink cartridges.

Recycling your cartridges

I want to recycle my ink cartridges?

In France, 75 million printing cartridges are used every year and end up in the garbage. All major manufactured have developed recycling programs. One goal: to promote the economy of raw materials and reduce CO2 emissions.
For a gesture in favor environment, there are many possibilities. In France, you can find lot of possibilities:

  • Free return by post from the manufacturers of ink cartridges (modalities of each manufacturer on its website).
  • Pickup point of Recup'Cartouches


The number of printed documents seems low?

The number of impressions per cartridge is indicated by default with a page coverage rate of 5%. A document with pictures uses more ink than a document with text. Similarly, an «economical» print mode uses less ink than an optimal print mode. Feel free to change your print settings.

Poor quality printing?

If the printer has not been used for a long time, the ink in the cartridges may have dried out resulting in poor printing quality. In this case, use the Print Head (or Nozzle) Cleaning and Alignment Utility of your printer. This utility cleans the nozzles and then ensures the proper diffusion of the ink.

I have ink lines when I print?

After changing the cartridges, it is recommended to align the print heads. The lines will disappear after this alignment operation.

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