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A bit of history ...

It is not so long ago that apprentice recyclers sprinkled with toner a corner of their garage to protect the environment to dream Eldorado.

Users of recycled products lured by the lowercost did not appreciate finaly themselves covered in powder from head to foot, not to mention the machine drowned in toner.

Good luck for the manufacturers : blame for the usurping apprentice sorcerer !

As the user, he is warned that if he does not use branded items, there is no longer guarantee, no after sales service.

However, when you buy a car, the manufacturer does not require you to buy his brand of tyre, oil or petrol...

So long live competition !

On the other hand, if you fit your car with badly retreaded tyres or use oil of poor quality, you are heading for disaster.

Take care then ! All the technologies of non-impact printing : laser, inkjet, thermal printing, sublimation are complex and finaly balanced to obtain the most appropriate balance between a particular machine and a specific ink.

On the other hand, manufacturers of inks are not numerous in the world and it is therefore easy for serious manufacturers to procure appropriate inks and to produce products identical to OEM.

What products do you find on the market?

OEM or original product

The cartridge sold by producer X for use on the machine X. It is -a priori- "new". The difficulty is that some machines brand X are sold under different brand names. You can find exactly the same machine which brand names Y and Z. Brands X Y and Z then sell their own consumables destined for their machines and at a price which suits them. Nowthen, subject to occasional tiny peculiarities which intensifies our work a bit, these are the same products. The most obvious example is that the laser cartridge EPS is a generic product which will work on dozens of printers of different brand names.

Counterfeit product

This is a cartridge more or less well made sold in a wrapping very similar brand X, bearing its name, sold more cheaply and presenting a risle to the user because he has been persuaded that he is buying the brand name. This is counterfeiting known in the world of watches, handbags, or polo shirts. Manufacturers such as EPSON©, HP©, LEXMARK©, OKI©, and TALLY© established an association : ICCE of which internet site is found under the following address : http://www.icce.net charged with fighting this fraud.

Recycled product

This is a product that has been used once or several times, perhaps tested or perhaps not, perhaps cleaned more or less with perhaps certain elements changed. It has been refilled not necessarily in the best conditions and but back into circulation. It is someway hit or miss.

Compatible product

Some hightech industrialists use new or recyclied materials to produce items identical to the brand name. Some have here own 10 years of experience in this field and some where production line is certificated ISO 9002 / 9003 / 9004. This goes for ribbons, laser cartridges, toners and photocopier drums, inkjet cartridges, thermal transfer ribbons, etc...

This is the product we call "Compatible". Before we put it on the market, it has been thoroughly tested on different machines for which it is adaptable.

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